Lord Nut Swims in the Shark Tank


In Episode 519 of Shark Tank, Lord Nut Levington – proprietor, seasoning guru, and Lieutenant general of the Flavour Revolution – dove into the Sharks’ depths headfirst, open-eyed, and prepared to entrance the sea-beasts before him (from the elegant Leopard Shark to the wonderfully money-hungry Hammerhead).

Before showcasing his spice on the populace’s television screens, Lord Nut was already splashing into the snack industry, as the flavoured nuts were available in over 600 stores. Of course, despite his narrow escape from the Sharks’ menacing mandibles, the show caused waves of seismic proportion for the then-modest gastronome…

Life after Shark Tank

Since airing on Shark Tank, Lord Nut’s fearlessly flavoured peanuts have increasingly sprouted in popularity and demand, both across the U.S. and overseas. Gourmands everywhere prize these scrumptiously seasoned snacks as they tantalize tongues and entice flavour fanatics to join Lord Nut on a riveting taste adventure.

You can now acquire Lord Nut’s six unique flavours in over 2,000 stores, the major chains of which respectably include Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, Shaw’s, Albertson’s, and Total Wine (to name a few). View our Store Locator to find a spice sanctuary near you!

ABC: Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 23 Happy Feet, Lord Nut Levington, Velocity Signs, Hold Your Haunches